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Renters Toolkit recent news
Renters toolkit adds a GoogleMap widget!
20th January 2009
You can now integrate a fully interactive google map widget into your website, in less than 5mn. Renters Toolkit provides you with all HTML code automatically generated to your property's location and specifications.

Renters toolkit adds one more widget!
12th December 2008
The Image Gallery widget allows you to display very high quality movies of your best property pictures. One image gallery hosting 8 pictures is included with your free package. Subscribed members can include up to 24 images in their gallery.

Renters toolkit gives away free availability calendars for rental business
30th July 2008
Check this out! Free online availability calendars for rental businesses. You can choose your calendar styles and languages, you can integate it in websites. Just a simple HTML line to insert in website and the calendar is fully active in your website.

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