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We have moved to

Please note that following the success of renters toolkit in the past year, we have moved our operations to a new brand, Holiday Site Central, and we have decided to accelerate the development of the website, thus delivering even more value and cool widgets for your property rental website

There is very little change for you as a user of our service. What was free stays free, your calendars and other widgets are still preserved and untouched, your login user and password are also unchanged.

However, you will have to:
- Log onto to access your account
- Replace the HTML code for using our widgets in your website, and change references to Renters Toolkit by Holiday Site Central (your widget HTML code is clearly indicated once you login)

Please note that Renters Toolkit widgets will be discontinued 1st October 2009. You have until then to replace the HTML code by the new one provided by Holiday Site Central.

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